Things to know when staying at Birch Point Camp
(My apologies for the length, but it is worth the time to read.)

Firstly, we ask you to phone the camp from Red Lake to schedule a pick up time at landing.
At the landing we meet you and load you in our river boats to proceed up the beautiful Nungesser river.
Make sure to pay attention and have a camera handy in case you see a moose or other wildlife.
Also the portage rapids are a favorite place of many for photos.
Make sure to have a jacket handy as it can be a little chilly at times.

After a short portage we proceed the last few miles up river to the lake.


Birch Point is located on the North West shore just after you come onto the lake.
Upon arrival we will get you situated in your cabin for your stay and show you what boats you will be using.
The main goal is to get you settled in and out fishing as soon as possible.
If your require licences you can get them at the store/office along with any fishing advice you may need.
Please do not forget to schedule a departure time as it is on a who asked first basis.


We do offer Prop Insurance to all guests as an option.
This covers all props, on the group's boats, for the period of their stay,
but does not cover any other damages ie: lower unit or boat damage.
To save on the costs of a few props at bill time,
I would suggest it is a worthwhile extra to purchase.

Minnows, cushions, life jackets, etc can all be brought to your boats by asking any staff.
Ice is available 24/7 in the fish house and is help yourself when you need.
We try our hardest to make sure we are there to turn loose every boat and tie up every boat throughout the day.
Our normal hours are 7 am to 7 pm every day.
The dock area is clearly lit up at night for your convenience and safety.


After returning from a day,s fishing we take your fish into the fish house for processing.
Normally we process all fish starting around 430 pm to make sure if you so choose you can eat early and
go back out fishing. If you bring in fish after hours we ask that you ice them down in the fish house
and we will clean them first thing in the morning. Your eating fish will be delivered to your cabin while
any fish you want frozen to take home will be cleaned and stored in our freezers. If at any time you want to
know what you have in the freezer the tally boards in the fish house have your totals on them or ask any staff
and they will get the information for you.


For our american plan guests, dinner is served in the dining room at 600 pm and breakfast at 700 am.
Make sure to show up with healthy appetites as the food is very good.
Maid service is provided daily so when you come back from fishing your cabin is clean and ready.


Every day we pick up your household garbage if required.
Please put out any full garbage cans on your deck in the morning.
Please do not put out any bags as that can attract unwelcome animals.


At any time if you have any questions, need something from town, or have any problems whatsoever,
please let us know. We can fix most any problem, provide answers and supply almost anything quickly
to make your stay with us as enjoyable as possible.


On your last day of fishing we ask that you have all boats in by 500 pm
for us to be able to do your billing and processes any fish.
Exceptions can be made so please ask at the office if required.


Years of mostly repeat business shows we have developed a routine that works and supports
you having a great fishing trip. Our goal is to keep everyone happy and catching fish.
We work with every group to the best of our abilities to make this come true.